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In 2013 MoMurray was born, offering gorgeous, durable bags for all genders in a rainbow of solid colors, and in a variety of bag styles. Every piece is handmade by Morgan Abbott in her one-woman studio nestled in Albany, CA.

Morgan is the “Mo” in MoMurray. Mo is her grandmother’s nickname for her, and Murray was their beloved cat who is best described as a beautiful, curious soul, both loyal and aloof as only a cool cat can be.

Morgan’s “slow fashion” bags are an extension of her own impeccable style, an expression of her love of garments that are bespoke, simple, durable and of the highest quality. Trust me, she always has on the best pants and shoes in the room - and of course her outfits are topped off with one of her own bag creations.

In her words, “ A nice bag can make an outfit.”

Morgan did not grow up sewing but comes comes from a family that found hidden treasures like old, well-made furniture, which they repaired and refined, giving them new life - perhaps how she developed her appreciation for quality, and hand work, and for the importance of making things that last and have the potential for a second or third life.

Her grandmother’s influence as a sewer spread to her Mom and eventually to Morgan when as an adult she made herself some pillows, and a new wallet when hers broke. Function and usability are at the forefront of MoMurry’s designs.

Morgan studied studio art and art history in college, and her bag designs are works of art made by and with the tools and materials that seem to be from another time. She uses waxed canvas “because it feels and behaves like leather, it’s weather-proof and it takes on more character as it wears.”

It is also better aligned with her plant-based diet, and do-less-harm lifestyle. When asked whether her bags are more art or design, she attests,” I like the middle ground, where beauty meets function.”

From her old Juki sewing machine, scissors and carefully chosen metal zippers and hardware, each piece is hand-sewn with intent and Morgan’s love of being a one-woman maker. She hopes her pieces will be worn long enough to get handed down to another wearer.

Morgan loves everything about being a maker. “Working with my hands makes me so happy!” After she’s made and sold a bag, she loves to hear from those who have purchased her products, who write to tell her about how her bags are functioning out in the world.

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